Welcome to Lab Utils!

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lab_utils is a collection of useful modules for Python development in the context of scientific laboratory work. It was created to standardize common tasks and features used by many different apps and users. The package aims to provide simple, efficient and robust protocols in the following areas:

  • PostgreSQL Database Interface. The database module provides a simple interface to manage connections to a PostgreSQL database. It uses the package psycopg2 (a Python wrapper of the C library libpq) to provide simple database functionality.

  • Daemon-like TCP Server. The socket_comm module provides a daemon-like TCP server base class. The lab_utils.socket_comm.Server is supposed to start and run indefinitely in the background, while listening for incoming communications over a TCP port. When a message is received, a string parser calls the appropriate method. Users should develop their own child class inheriting from lab_utils.socket_comm.Server and implementing the necessary methods for their particular needs.

    The module also provides a simple lab_utils.socket_comm.Client to send messages to a running lab_utils.socket_comm.Server and receive the reply.

If this is your first time using lab_utils, have a look at our Readme for a more detailed summary and installation instructions. If you’re already familiar with this package, or you want to dive straight in, you can jump to the API reference. There are also some examples which demonstrate specific applications of the modules.